how big is skin

How big is human skin dust

Human beings shed their skin on a constant basis from the epidermis. The process of healing and renewal creates waste in the form of human skin dander. This dander falls to the ground after floating around the air for a bit. 

Skin Flakes are 0.5 microns to 10 microns in size

Human Skin is the bodies largest organ of 22 square feet or 2 square meters weighing approximately 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms). That is a lot of dander?

Healthy Skin 

We would literally evaporate without our protective layer of skin. We need to maintain a healthy immune system by taking Vitamin D and C to propagate our healing and regeneration.

Dry cracked skin is prone to infection produces more flaked skin. Sufferers of eczema produce or human skin dander flaking from the body.

We need to have a healthy exposure to the Sun for the manufacture of Vitamin D. This is not a problem in the summer but in the winter it is considered a good idea to consume Vitamin D3 of no more than 4000 per day. 

You are at risk of inhaling human skin.

When we shed our skin it leaves the body in the form of a flake. These flakes of dead skin are so very light after a few hours because the moisture evaporates quickly.

Is skin dander a powder?

No, or at least not until it has dehydrated and on the ground. This dried skin often gets ground into a finer powder.

Do we inhale human skin?

Cleaning our homes using methods that do not contain the fine particles will just make them airborne. The brush is the worst way to clean a floor if Health & Safety is important to you.

Best way to clean away human skin

Is sweeping good?

Sweeping the floors that have dried and ground old skin collated with other dust will be launched into the atmosphere. The use of a brush is the worst way to clean away fine dust particles including human dander.

HEPA is best for dust

The best way to capture dust is by not disturbing it by using a HEPA filter vacuum or a sticky roller.

Our recommendation for a good reliable HEPA Filter Vacuum

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The installation of an air filter is good to filter any airborne skin flakes and other pathogens. We have installed the Levoit LV H133 air purifier. 

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