how big is the universe

How big is the Universe

As a keen astronomer, I am still amazed at how vast and apparently endless the Universe appears to be.

NASA and other space programs like including China and Russia spend huge budgets to be the first to find whatever it is they want to find.


Do we know how big the Universe is?

Science is either based on known facts or conclusions based on our best guess! 

The Universe is 93 billion light years across

Well, this is the best guess as we do not know how big the universe is or if it even ends.

If with this theory that the universe is endless then it is fair to assume that light from many stars has not even reached the Earth. 

There are more stars in the Universe than we have ever seen! This is why we do not yet know how big or if it even has an end.

Is the Universe so big or is just tiny? Size is relative to the individuals concept of what size actually is. Are we just an organism that is the part of something much bigger?

Like blood, is the universe just the vascular system of something that is unimaginable?

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